Terms & Conditions

Any Order and subsequent purchase of Goods (as defined below) or services from sciintilla.com shall be governed by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. View the sciintilla.com quality statement

1. Customer Obligations
By submitting your order to sciintilla.com you confirm:
You are aged 16 or over and are not registered blind or partially sighted;
You are in possession of a written prescription for your spectacles that has been given to you by a suitably qualified person in the last 24 months (or 12 months if you are aged 70 or over);

2. Orders for Goods
Orders to Glasses Direct must be submitted either via the web at www.sciintilla.com, by completing a mail order form in the current catalogue.
Prescription Glasses orders are only accepted by us once your payment has been processed and they have been reviewed and authorised by a Dispensing Optician. In the case of the non prescription goods and the Home Trial service, your order is accepted once the required payment has been accepted or when the relevant goods are shipped, whichever occurs first. We will confirm acceptance of your Order via email.

3. Limitations of Supply
We will make a reasonable effort to ensure that all Orders are fulfilled; however we cannot guarantee the availability of Goods. If the Goods you have ordered are unavailable, we will attempt to contact you to give you a choice to receive an alternative or a refund. If we are unable to contact you, your Order will be cancelled and you will be given a full refund. In the case of the Home Trial service we may send partial goods if some goods are unavailable.

4. Prices and Payment
Prices stated are inclusive of any Value Added Tax (VAT) that may be required to be remitted to tax authorities by Glasses Direct.
We will use best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the prices and price related information stated in our current catalogue and on the Site.
However we cannot guarantee that we will not make a mistake and misprice an item inadvertently. If this is the case, the Dispensing Optician reviewing and authorising your Order will notify you of the error before your payment is processed. You will then have the choice to either accept the correct price or to cancel your Order.
The price you pay is a retail price as appearing in your basket. In certain territories where we sell, we are required to report part of the sale price to the relevant tax jurisdiction and pay that amount in tax. We do not adjust our prices depending on the sales tax suffered which varies from country to country. And we do not add tax to any amount shown in your basket.
In some delivery countries there may be rules imposed locally that will charge import VAT to the purchaser. sciintilla.com is unable to provide any refunds for such costs.