Effective isolation suit

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brand name Moonnaya
Size S

Bullet Points:

1、Double-brim Design: The raincoat has a double-brim design which can shield the wind and rain, and the mask can be pulled down to isolate droplets of bacteria, which can prevent you from hitting your face when riding a bicycle.
2、Stylish Camouflage: The protective raincoat has stylish camouflage design which is not only beautiful, but also protects the whole body.
3、High-quality Material: The raincoat also uses high-quality nylon silk fabric, which has waterproof effect, good light resistance, easy to clean, light and breathable.
4、Shrink Cuffs: The protective raincoat has shrink cuffs to protect raincoats from rain.
5、Comfortable and Breathable: The protective raincoat has built-in grid, comfortable and breathable.
Double-layered brim design can shield the wind and rain and isolate spray and saliva.
With waterproof effect, good light resistance, easy to clean, thin and breathable.

Size: see size picture
Material: nylon silk cloth
Application: universal

Packing List:

1 Set Protective Raincoat